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This model is made by Van Gogh.

There are many other options for style and color on their website.

A. General
Van Gogh Designs has been manufacturing quality furniture since 1993. Every piece is designed and crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Our Quality Management Systems are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and our company is registered accordingly. ISO (International Organization for standardization) is a world-wide federation of national standards institutes, promoting the development of standardization of goods and services. This certification is third-party assurance to our customers regarding our Quality Management Systems. We are the voluntary member of UFAC (Upholstery Furniture Action Council) and follow all guidelines for fire-retardancy. We are proud of building our products in Canada.
B. Warranties
    1. Frames - Lifetime pro-rated* limited warranty 
      Frames are under warranty to be free from manufacturing & material defects for the life of the product (25 years) on pro-rated* basis.
      1.1 Exposed wood parts shall carry a 1 year limited warranty against material defects.


    2. Reclining & Motion Mechanisms, Sofa-bed Mechanisms – Pro-rated* limited warranty for 3 years 
      Reclining & Motion Mechanisms including Swivel Bases, Glides, Swivel / Rocker bases and Sofa-bed mechanisms (all metal parts) are warranted against material and manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of shipping on pro-rated* basis.
2.1 Sofa-bed Mattresses – Pro-rated* limited warranty for 2 years
Inner spring Sofa-bed mattresses are warranted to be free of defects for 2 years on pro-rated* basis.


  1. Foam - Seat & Back Cushions - Pro-rated* limited warranty for 10 years 
    Van Gogh Designs upholstered products utilize high resiliency 2.1 to 2.2 lb. polyurethane foam in conjunction with layers of polyester fiber for superior seating comfort and lasting durability. All cushions are warranted against excessive loss of resiliency for 10 years on pro-rated* basis.

    Please note:

    • All cushions filled with foam will soften with use and will conform to the shape of the user, but should not lose resiliency or the ability to recover from compression.
    • Polyester wraps, used to create surface softness will, over time, lose some of the initial loft, which may contribute to cushion flattening and wrinkling. This softening is considered normal wear and is no way considered a manufacturer's defect.
    • Other components filled or wrapped with foam & fiber like backs and arms will also flatten slightly with prolonged use.
    3.1 The fiber filled back cushions as well as toss pillows are covered under limited warranty of 2 years against material and workmanship defects.
    • The fiber filled cushions and pillows will flatten, wrinkle and deform after continuous use. We suggest you fluff these pillows / cushions as you would fluff the feather or down pillow you sleep on.


  2. Feather Wrapped Foam Core Cushions – Limited warranty for 1 year 
    Feather wrapped foam core cushions carry one (1) year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.
    • Feather wrapped foam core cushions consist of a high resiliency foam core surrounded by a balanced blend of feather and polyester fiber, encased in a channeled feather-proof ticking. While this breathable ticking is feather-proof, and creates a feather barrier, feathers will poke through the fabric from time-to-time. This is considered normal performance and is not a defect. Feather wrapped foam core seat and back cushions will have a "relaxed and wrinkled" appearance. These cushions have more crown at the middle as compared to foam filled cushions, the crown may vary from 2" to 3", and it means they are fluffier at the middle. This type of cushion needs to be fluffed and flipped regularly.
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