Aldo full size sofa , apartment sofa

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This model is available in other sizes, visit us in store or email us for details.

Full size 76" x 34"

Apartment size 34" x 68"


Every Stylus frame is made with an extra thick 1 1/8” solid wood frame of selected soft and hardwoods that have been kiln dried.

All frames are stapled, glued, and corner blocked for added durability allowing Stylus to offer a lifetime warranty.



Stylus uses only high quality polyurethane foam ranging from 2.0 to 2.75 pound density in seats. Since every customer is different Stylus offers a selection of different foam firmness for seat cushions.

To ensure cushions keep their shape, Stylus shaves a double crown into our cushion cores and wraps them in Dacron to prevent the fabric from creeping and slipping

Many styles are available with Feathersoft seat cushions



Many Stylus styles are available as twin, full and queen size sofabeds. Every Stylus sofabed uses a contract grade mechanism that features tubular steel construction. Our Imperial Rest XL innerspring mattress is nearly 7” thick offering superior comfort and support. To provide continuity of tailoring Stylus sofabeds feature a self-covered fabric flap to hide the mechanism when closed.



Stylus pads our wood frame for a tailored look and added fabric durability.

Every Stylus sofa is finished with the same material on the seat deck as opposed to an inexpensive white upholstery cloth.

Stylus offers many tailoring options such as fringe, contrasting welt and coordinating toss pillows.


Warranty Details - Made to Order Collection

Warranty effective on all merchandise purchased after November 1, 2000.

Stylus warrants that the frames used in its products will carry a lifetime pro-rated warranty and all other components will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for a period of one year from date of purchase.



Most regular line fabrics will be under warranty for the period of one year after date of purchase by the consumer. Certain fabrics, essential for reason of styling, do not meet all the performance requirements of Stylus and therefore, cannot be warranted against wear, seam slippage, shrinkage, and fading. Each dealer shall know beforehand which fabrics are included in this category. Close out, end of line and seconds bear no warranty whatsoever. This warranty does not apply to fabrics treated with aftermarket fabric treatments or fabrics exposed to pets. This should be made perfectly clear to your consumer before purchase to avoid problems later. Please advise your customers that fabrics should be cleaned by professional cleaners only.

Fabric Claims

Stylus warrants that the upholstery fabric on each piece of furniture will be repaired or replaced as best determined by Stylus if the fabric fails to give at least one year of normal wear. This does not apply to close outs, seconds, or end of line fabrics.


  1. Claims due to cuts, burns, stains, soiling, pet damage, and after market fabric protectant and improper cleaning are excluded. Do not remove covers for cleaning;
  2. Due to chemical make-up of certain fabric fibres, Stylus cannot warrant any problems which may result from exposure to excessive heat or sunlight;
  3. Pilling -- Pilling is a characteristic of many upholstered fabrics that results in excess fibre coming off of the surface of the material. This release of excess fibre results in small balls or pills of fibre forming on the surface of the cover. This condition is not warranted by the fabric mills because it is not seen to be a defect, it is simply excess material being released. This is similar to the fuzzing experienced with new carpet or the pilling of a new sweater. The concern on the part of most consumers is that the fabric is disintegrating and will ultimately leave a bald area on the cover. That is not the case; as with carpets and sweaters, the pilling will persist until the excess fibre is gone and then it will cease. The best treatment while this is happening is simply to shave the cover with a battery-operated furniture or sweater shaver to remove the pills and restore the look of the cover surface. This may need to be done three or four times, but the pilling on the surface will begin to diminish and ultimately stop.


Frames, Springs, Foam, Exposed Wood, and Sleepers

All products manufactured by Stylus shall bear a lifetime (25 year) pro-rated* frame and spring warranty. All sofa-bed units and mattresses feature a three year pro-rated warranty. This warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by, or resulting in negligence by the user or mover of the product or accident, improper care, maintenance, repair and failure to follow directions for proper use.

The foam products used in Stylus seat and back cushions shall bear a lifetime (25 year) pro-rated* warranty against excessive loss of resiliency. Note that all foam will soften initially and this is considered normal. Each customer should be notified of the proper care for seat cushions. This includes rotating cushions weekly and not removing covers from cushions for cleaning.

Exposed wood parts shall carry a 1 year limited warranty against material defects.

*Pro-rated Formula: Equal to month(s) used divided by month(s) warranted multiplied by current suggested retail price to be determined by Stylus.