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Ryan is more than a realtor. He’s a fierce competitor. He’s a community man, Toronto born and bred, the youngest of four boys from a High Park family that still calls the neighbourhood home. He’s a family man: a father and proud husband to a furniture business proprietor, who in keeping with family stages many of his properties.

It is these qualities—familial, community, competitive—that make Ryan a unique and admirable part of the Toronto real estate landscape. For more than a decade, he has been not only working within Toronto neighbourhoods, but helping them grow in finding families and businesses—proud and passionate people—to populate their main streets, sides streets, and cul-de-sacs.

His work has resulted in record-breaking selling prices, but more importantly, he has provided foundations for families and communities to grow and prosper in a complicated yet incomparable city. And “status-quo” and “stasis” are not in Ryan’s vocabulary; he is constantly pushing himself—fueled by that competitive impulse—to expand the breadth and boundaries of his knowledge and experience, which helps himself, his clients, and his community grow.

But Ryan knows that communities are built not simply by populating them with happy homes, but with successful businesses. Ryan works intimately with a variety of investors and investment groups to continue to build Toronto in every aspect of its economy.

Ryan is a full-experience realtor. He has personal and professional hands-on experience in everything from renovations to home inspections to mortgage shopping to flipping properties to furnishing homes. He has always had one foot in the boardroom and one in the mudroom—able to speak “contractor” and “banker” with ease and excellence.

He is an epic negotiator.

He is a closer.

Buying and selling homes and properties isn’t an occupation—it’s an experience, and Ryan Young has cultivated a reputation for perfection and passion in Toronto real estate. To invest in real estate in Toronto is to become a part of a unique community—to find not a house, but a home. Not an address, but a community. Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, Ryan Young provides singular insight and expertise, maximizing potential, profit, and peace of mind.



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